MariaDB® Corporation, a recognized leader in open source database solutions for high availability, scalability and performance, participated in AWS re:Invent Conference, the largest gathering of the global cloud computing community, on October 6-9 in Las Vegas. At the conference, Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) announced the introduction of its Relational Database Service (RDS) for MariaDB. Amazon’s decision was driven by the growing demand among its customers for MariaDB, which now has over two million users in 45 countries, including major enterprises. The new RDS option gives AWS users the ability to deploy the world’s fastest-growing open source database in the cloud, and to access innovation from the most vibrant database development community.

Steven Grandchamp, Vice President and General Manager of North America for MariaDB and Debanjan Saha, GM, Amazon Aurora & MySQL at AWS discussed Amazon RDS for MariaDB on stage at AWS re:Invent. They addressed the pathways businesses are taking to create hybrid data environments, which offer the utmost flexibility, scalability, and performance on-premise and in the cloud.

What are the benefits of incorporating a cloud-based database into your data architecture?

Grandchamp: Incorporating a cloud-based database into your infrastructure can provide flexibility and scalability, supplement your resources at peak load periods, and assure business continuity and disaster recovery. In addition, a hybrid cloud-based architecture allows enterprises to move quickly to address new and changing market conditions; eliminating a timely and costly hardware acquisition step.

Some common use cases we see for extending deployments to the cloud are:

  • Cloud bursting and elasticity to handle peak loads
  • Back up to cloud
  • Disaster recovery
  • Dev test in the cloud and deploy on-premise

The ability to deploy a hybrid data architecture is a frequent request from MariaDB users, so look for additional announcements from MariaDB in the near future about cloud-based deployment options

How does the AWS announcement enable Database-as-a-Service?

Grandchamp: Amazon’s RDS for MariaDB service gives companies a very easy, fast way to incorporate a cloud-based database into their infrastructure to provide flexibility, scalability, and disaster protection.

Grandchamp: We are helping power cloud-based data through collaboration efforts with Amazon, innovation from our database development community, and expert advice for companies developing their database deployment strategy. Our experts in SQL databases, including the design team that created both MySQL and MariaDB, help companies design and deploy on-premise and hybrid data solutions for the most demanding and mission-critical applications.

For companies choosing to leverage the AWS service, MariaDB can provide help and support in areas such as:

  • Optimized high-performance architecture and design
  • Consulting to create a system for the unique needs of your business
  • Ongoing remote administration that complements your team’s skills or frees them for more strategic projects

We also provide remote database administration for hybrid and on-premise deployments through our RemoteDBA service.

Can you help companies operate MariaDB Server in an enterprise-class hybrid cloud environment?

Grandchamp: MariaDB provides the know-how and experience to architect, implement, and operate a hybrid deployment, while ensuring enterprise quality in hybrid environments. We:

  • Help companies design hybrid cloud architectures that enable the components to interoperate seamlessly
  • Work with application development and IT operations teams to achieve the performance and scalability their customers and businesses require across their entire hybrid data infrastructure
  • Ensure data infrastructure teams can meet their service commitments to their business users as they balance on-premise and cloud-based resources

Does MariaDB support AWS Aurora?

Grandchamp: MariaDB is today an ecosystem partner of AWS and has collaborated with AWS to ensure that the MariaDB connectors support the AWS Aurora service. In fact, MariaDB connectors work with Aurora seamlessly. We look forward to working with the Aurora team in the future to further accelerate innovation within the MySQL ecosystem and MariaDB community.

Amazon RDS for MariaDB Available Now

AWS users can now deploy scalable MariaDB databases in minutes with cost-efficient and resizable hardware capacity. AWS customers can enjoy the first year of Amazon RDS for MariaDB at no charge with 20GB of database instance storage, 20GB for automated backups and 750hrs of Micro DB Instance each month. More information available here: