NotaryTRADE clients receive a new kind of cryptocurrency called NotaryTRADE
Coin (NTC). NTC coins are notary-backed, a feature no other cryptocurrency
offers. Transactions can be co-signed by an attorney or notary and thus
receive legal validity. In other words, NotaryTRADE allows its clients to
optionally carry out NTC transactions with the seal of a Notary. This gives
NTC legally documented value, a first in the field of cryptocurrencies.

With NotaryTRADE, clients can protect digital assets, including files and NTC
cryptocurrency accounts; arrange the assignment of their digital property to
their successors; order files to be preserved or disclosed to specific persons
or entities, as well as determine digital files to be published for the
general public at a pre-defined date in the future. Furthermore, a user whose
NTC key is lost or stolen can create a new private key by simply visiting
their chosen Law or Notary office.

Unlike Bitcoin and Altcoins that include significant fees for mining on third-
party servers, NotaryTRADE coins are not mined and therefore do not pay any
fees to miners. Instead, NTC uses „Smart Notary Agreements“. These are similar
to Smart Contracts, but with the added security of execution control by a Law
or Notary office. These agreements are designed to automatically generate
revenue for clients from their own NotaryTRADE servers based on the number of
NTC coins they hold.

NTC coin holders can also use NotaryTRADE’s Blockchain-powered email system to
send notarised NTC coin transfers directly to any email address. Recipients
receive an invitation to securely accept NTC coins which they may store or
exchange into other crypto- or government-issued Fiat currencies.

Kolab Systems, in charge of implementing and maintaining the platform for
NotaryTRADE, has a long tradition of keeping users‘ data safe. For
NotaryTRADE, Kolab Systems is building on its entirely open source software
stack, guaranteeing that every component, library and app can be audited by
third parties to ensure there are no backdoors or malicious code.

„Although providing the platform for NTC is a new venture for us, what we are
doing with regard to our Open Source technology is not”, says Georg Greve, CEO
at Kolab Systems. “It is just a question of applying the know-how we have
amassed over the years with our flagship product, Kolab”. Indeed, lawyers,
journalists, entrepreneurs, large companies, public institutions and private
citizens have entrusted their emails, files, and personal confidential
information to Kolab Systems’ ultra-secure services since the company opened
for business almost a decade ago.

Kolab Systems has chosen OpenPOWER servers on which to run the platform. As a
member of the OpenPOWER Foundation, Kolab Systems can co-examine and audit the
machines running NotaryTRADE to the same degree as the software can be audited
by others. This again ensures that every hardware component complies with
Kolab Systems‘ high standard for security and privacy. „Our experience of
trialling Kolab on the OpenPower architecture has served us well,“ says Greve.
„We are now in the privileged position to be able to set up and continuously
improve upon the most reliable and trustworthy hardware platform for
NotaryTRADE clients.“

Kolab Systems also defends privacy legally: Based in Switzerland, Kolab
Systems‘ clients, including NTC users, enjoy the protection that the very
stringent Swiss privacy laws afford them.

The Pre-ICO for NotaryTRADE is now open and new clients can receive NTC coins
free of charge with their server reservation. Visit https://www.NotaryTRADE.IO
for details.