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Hartmut Schultze | HPE
„Share without sharing – Swarm Learning to analyze any private data from any data owner without sharing private data to foster sovereignty“

Creating value from data which is inherently private and captured in siloes needs to consider a multi-dimensional, open, transparent, compliant, trustworthy and explainable approach. Swarm learning, a decentralized machine-learning approach, unites edge computing, blockchain-based peer-to-peer networking and coordination while maintaining confidentiality without the need for a central coordinator, going beyond federated learning. This enables to leave the data owner to be sovereign on his data without exposing it in the network. As an example in the medical field, it already has been used successfully to perform secure decentralized patient classification in several diseases using different data types. It extracts the information and knowledge from the data to provide doctors a valuable tool to help cure their patients.

Sönke Pingel | EnBW Cyber Security GmbH
„Basic digital service – a utility perspective“

Today, basic IT is a vital infrastructure for society. It is similar to and based on electricity and telecommunication, the core assets of utilities, so that many utilities already offer data center and IT solutions. In the near future, basic IT needs to become more EU-sovereign, green, secure, with low latency and cloud-ready – in different shadings for different business needs. In an R&D study @EnBW we evaluate with partners potential opportunities for such a distributed basic digital infrastructure.


Okt 27 2022


14:00 - 15:00

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  • Zeitzone: Europe/Berlin
  • Datum: Okt 27 2022
  • Zeit: 14:00 - 15:00

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