SerNet GmbH


    SerNet is the leading service provider regarding the open source software SAMBA, a GPLv3 licensed software toolset for interoperability in mixed environments, authentication and private cloud computing. Refer to SerNet publishes the leading open source solution for information security management „verinice“. Refer to for more information.


    • Informationssicherheit und Freie Software
    • Identity Management und Authentifizierung
    • Zertifizierungen und Audits
    • Linux, Windows, Mac und Interoperabilität

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    SerNet is a company in the old economy domain: We are self contained and privately held. we serve mid size and large customers in DE, EU and the US in the field of IT security and open source software since 1997. Offices are located in Göttingen and Berlin. See for more information.


    • Beratung
    • Business Solutions
    • Datenbank
    • Groupware & Collaboration
    • Hosting
    • Infrastruktur
    • IT-Anbieter/Dienstleister
    • Public Sector Solutions
    • Software Entwicklung
    Frau Dr. Chen-Yu Lin
    +49 551 370000-0

    SerNet GmbH

    Bahnhofsallee 1B
    37081 Göttingen